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Friday, June 28, 2013

Christmas with Atchie & family

We call my mom's best friend since middle school Atchie (Her name is actually Allison). Anyway, we are super close to her & my kids think of her as an extra grandparent! 

She always spoils us...but especially at Christmas.  For Christmas this year we went & had Mexican for dinner where both her sons work (they had to work & miss the actual party) was yummy for sure.

Then we went back to my parents & opened way too many gifts.  

Henry helping Papa

Atchie's step daughter Victoria & soon to be son in law, Tony.

My brother Cory & sister in law Courtney

Atchie's step daughter Ashley & Atchie

Emma modeling a new outfit 

Atchie & Henry playing with the magna doodle

Nanny, Em, & Papa

We had a great night spending time with them - and were spoiled rotten!


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