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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

December Fun!

We had a busy December with lots of fun!!! 

Mrs Jamie came over to play & eat dinner with us one night! 

The kids playing with an advent calendar I was fun for about a day....then I threw it away...luckily it only cost a 

We went to Tuba Christmas this year in Porterdale.  A friend David works with knows people who perform in it, so we decided to all go.  David played the tuba in Middle & High School, so he likes to go hear them play. 

This picture really just makes me laugh...

There were all different tubas.  They played Christmas Carols & the audience sang along.  It was fun, I think we'll do it for years to come. 

We got to dress up for David's Company Christmas Party, so of course I made sure we got a picture. Ha.  It was at the Atlanta Athletic Club. 

I just & the kids were in a car accident that week (not my fault, but a car t-boned us on the driver's side luckily at a pretty slow speed. We were all okay, but I hit my head & had a bruise on my back & was sore everywhere...needless to say, I wasn't feeling great in this picture, but faked it! Lol) 

The kids & I made & decorated sugar cookies.  They seriously loved it. 

Emma honestly did a great job & loved doing different icings.  She took it very seriously. 

Of course the best part is eating them!!!!!!

We seriously made tons, but here's a few! 

More pictures to come of all our Christmas gatherings!


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