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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

Okay, so this next picture is technically the night before Christmas Eve....Henry passed out, he had played so hard, & had his animals all around him.  I just had to laugh. (Yes, that's Minnie's Sister's).

Anyway, we were home on Christmas Eve & spent the day together.  Grandma & Grandpa sent the kids' big present over early so we wouldn't have to bring it home later when we had Christmas with them.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to open it early since Christmas day would be kind of crazy.

We started sibling gifts this year...although technically they worked a little differently than I planned & will do in the future.

And while we opened sibling gifts, Daddy put together their gift from his parents...a double stroller!!! Emma has decided now that Henry gets to ride that she actually needs to ride too, so problem solved. We've really been enjoying it, it definitely helps when I take both kids some place on my own (like the zoo). 

That afternoon we rested at home.  During Henry's nap Emma & I watched an old Christmas movie on Netflix.  It was nice.

We went to church for a candle light service...where David kicked Henry (& me) out for being Henry & I went to sit in the car, where he promptly fell asleep.  Then we went home, ate hot dogs & homemade mac & cheese from the crock pot, took quick baths, & then went to look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate & listening to Christmas Carols, of course :)  (I should mention that we went a couple times to look at lights & both kids liked it a lot.  Henry was so cute because he would say WOW! WOW! when he saw something he liked.) 

So when we got home from Christmas lights, we set out cookies & milk for Santa & carrots for his reindeer.  

Then we read two books, the Night Before Christmas & Listen to the Silent Night about Jesus' birth day.

A picture of our tree :) 

Once the kids were in bed, a couple elves had to get busy for the big day ahead!!


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