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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Emma's Ears Pierced!

Emma has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while....and since she's a little older now & can be trusted a little more, I thought it was a pretty good time.  I found a place in the Square next to her dance studio & Scoops that does it.  

I made plans one Friday after school to run over there & let her get them done as a surprise! 


After!  She did great & didn't cry a drop! I can't believe how brave this big girl is, seriously!

To celebrate, we went & got ice cream at Scoops, of course! :) 

Little man was there too....he enjoyed the ice cream! 

Quick note - this actually occurred the day of the horrible school shooting in Connecticut.  I had planned to get her ears pierced that day a few days before.  My heart was so heavy that day, I strongly considered putting it off but I'm glad I didn't.  We needed a good memory from that day...a day just being a kid & celebrating the ordinary.  We need to remember to focus on the little things & little moments with our kids.  None of us are promised tomorrow.  I sure am crazy about these two. 


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