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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cecil Returns....

Emma named our elf Cecil a couple years ago & we sure enjoy each year when he comes to visit! Rather than spacing them out over my recap of December, I thought I'd just do a picture of Cecil pretty much every day (I think I may have forgotten or taken only an iPhone picture a few days).

Heads up on this one - shaving cream probably wasn't the best choice.  By morning it had all smeared & you couldn't read it anymore :(

E & H & a heart made with fruit loops - okay, really, Fruit Spins...yes, I buy store brand cereal whenever I can ;) 

Cecil is a Yellow Jacket fan, didn't you know?

It was a bit of a challenge keeping the kids away from Cecil, so Henry couldn't accidentally touch him. This works because we have a baby gate at the steps & we only go upstairs to the play room (our bedrooms are all on the main level).  He was in sight but just out of touch!

I think Cecil had a little help getting up this high in our foyer...

...Henry was so cute when he found him!

The last day Cecil was with us this year (Dec 23rd), we found him at our Nativity, reminding the kiddos what Christmas is all about (we had spend the night before at grandma's, so this wasn't first thing in the morning). 

On Christmas Eve he left a little gift & candy cane for the kids, along with a note.  We left a few fun things over the month like books, etc.  

The kids LOVE Cecil & I'm already excited about next year, Henry is going to flip out!!!! LOL


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