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Friday, September 2, 2011


So going back to work kind of put us through a loop.  We run hard all week & by the evenings, we're all worn out.  Needless to say, computer time at home has been minimal.  But we're doing good and getting adjusted.  I've officially been back to work 1 month (5 full weeks).

I took Henry to the doctor today. He's been coughing a couple weeks, but it hasn't gotten any better, so I went ahead and took him.  Poor little guy has an ear infection & is on antibiotics the next 10 days. Glad I went ahead and took him before it got worse!  He now weighs 13 pounds 15 ounces - yes that's just shy of 14 pounds! My baby is growing quick!

Apparently he's getting very long too.  She didn't tell me how long he was today, but seeing how his 6 month pjs are getting too short & I washed 2 pairs of 9 month pjs tonight, I have to assume he must be growing (or his clothes are shrinking!)

Emma is doing great too.  She loves ballet class & has been a sweet friend at school.  She's always coloring & telling us new things she has learned. Yesterday she came home chanting "TGIF, TGIF, TGIF!" I asked her what that means & she said "Friday!!" Unfortunately she was a little premature, seeing how yesterday was only Thursday.  This morning I told her it was Friday, so she decided to celebrate with some TGIF.  And she was also excited that Friday night is Pizza Night, so of course that's a good reason to celebrate too!

With the Labor Day weekend, I'm hoping to get to catch up a little around the house & hoping to post a few more blogs for you (hopefully pictures too!)  Right now a Stinky Little Boy is ready for a BATH!

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